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Network Services

Our network service team can resolve all challenges involving local area networks and wide area networks. We can provide server maintenance for local area networks, and all Microsoft operating systems.

Our national organization allows the Bytechpr co

cross the city and across the nation.

Our internet help desk can service and provide
real time, online monitoring of wide area networks. Our IT help desk certified staff is ready to serve your every need.

Our network service agreements are customized to your requirements. We can even offer 7×24 hour network monitoring and repair services on your wide area network segments. You customize, you decide on the level of your network service agreement.

Please click on Computer Maintenance Contracts or call, 1-787-536-2486 for additional information.

Server Moves and Maintenance

Microsoft server certified. Our certifications allow Bytechpr  to offer Puerto Rico  PC Server Maintenance contracts and onsite server repair services. You define the response criteria. With Accram as your network service provider, you can be assured of a timely response to all of your computer network maintenance service needs. We can move, maintain, repair and upgrade your servers. Our motto is: Uptime all the Time.

Local Area Network – Wide Area Network
Installation and Maintenance Services

Our Bytechpr team is certified and most Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) operating system platforms.
We can provide local area network integration services using local providers. Our customized, internet driven software will allow you to manage all of your installations and locations across the country.

We can also provide local area network maintenance services. We can maintain all parts of your network including: Switches, routers, hubs, servers, desktops, laptops, and printers.


Network Printers

Bytechpr  was born and bred in the data world. We are not a copier company trying to understand the data world. Bytechpr is well versed in connecting all types of network printers and multifunction devices (MFP) to WAN’s and LAN’s. We know how bits and bytes flow across data and phone lines. We know wireless connectivity and can bring wireless printing to your network printer devices.

We specialize in solving your network printer connection issues. Bytechpr can configure your network printer and produce the kind of network printer sharing your office or group of offices require. Our online help desk services can monitor your printers. We can detect and fix many of your network printer problems online. Our internet help desk team is fully equipped to manage your network of printer across the country.

Let Bytechpr configure your network printers. Let Bytechpr monitor, dispatch, service and manage your printer needs. Make your network printing problems an issue of the past. You focus on your business, we will focus on keeping your business up all the time.

Help Desk

The Bytechpr help desk is one of two companies in the Puerto Rico providing support to check printing software. We support the Troy checkscribe printing solution. Our help desk provides 7 x 24 hour response on the Microsoft, Troy, and Checkscribe product lines.

Call 1-787-536-2486 for any questions about our help desk service agreements. Let Bytechpr provide you with a help desk service agreement, tailored to fit your needs.

Network Assessment

Our online internet based help desk can service and monitor your all of your printers, local area network, and wide area networks. Call 1-787-536-2486 and ask for an Online Server and WAN Monitoring .

Are you unsure of your current network? Our network team can assess you local area network and wide area network. We can tell you what is on your network, where you network security weaknesses exist, and how to fix you Lan/Wan security holes. Contact us today to see how your network can be analyzed.