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Printer Service Plans and Managed Print Services

Do you have Printers, Copiers and Multifunction equipment or even HP Designjet Plotters to take care of? Whether you are an IT professional or facilities manager at a large organization responsible for a fleet of output devices or a small company office manager with just

a few output devices, you need your service provider to provide PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE to minimize emergency service calls. To meet your needs, Bytechpr provides the following customizable programs:

I.  Prevention Plan

This is an annual full service maintenance contract that includes preventive maintenance visits, parts and labor. You are guaranteed a same day or next business day onsite tech visit!

II.  Benefits Plan

This plan has all the benefits of the Prevention Plan, but costs you less because you commit to purchasing your consumable supplies (toner, drum kits, etc) from Bytechpr (toner prices are guaranteed to be at or below those charged by your former vendor–even if that vendor is a “superstore”).

III.  Managed Print Services(this is where we really shine for you)

If you are an IT professional or facilities manager in charge of a fleet of 10-20 or more network laser printer/copiers/multifunction devices, you will appreciate this program. Especially, if you are self-managing supplies reordering. This is a comprehensive solution that is billed monthly by the page printed in your environment. Never again do you need to go through the myriad of steps needed to order backup consumables for your fleet of devices. You won’t have to worry about keeping backup toners at the ready and you won’t have to wonder if you are getting the best price possilble from your office supplies dealer. Our MPS plan includes proactive delivery of: toner and service when you need it. No more preparing Purchase Orders, researching pricing, wondering if a toner cartridge has arrived yet, etc. Remote monitoring software allows Bytechpr  to become your network printer help desk by tracking usage patterns and monitoring consumables. The software also emails accurate service alerts and low toner alerts (often before the client is aware of an issue).

Benefits of Managed Print Services include:

  • SAVE MONEY. This program will save you money and eliminates the administrative hassle involved with routinely ordering toner and maintaining inventory.
  • ONE predictable monthly invoice for all printer maintenance and supplies (excludes only paper). Single monthly invoice billing will be based on pages printed across your printer fleet. We use software to report your actual usage. You never have to buy a toner cartridge again! You simply are billed by the pages printed.
  • ONE technical point of contact for all your printer maintenance and supplies issues.
  • Proactive Preventive Maintenance cleaning and inspection will be performed to reduce the incidence of breakdowns to ensure the highest level of productivity is maintained throughout the term of the agreement.
  • FASTEST ONSITE RESPONSE. You will receive our highest priority onsite service response. Service contract clients always are serviced before non-contract customers.
  • Eliminates multiple vendors, multiple invoices and the need to continually renegotiate toner pricing. You don’t buy toner cartridges anymore…you simply pay for pages produced across your network fleet!

All of our Printer Service Plans include:

  • Proactive Preventive Maintenance (at least annually; more often if needed)
  • Priority Service Response – An industry leading Same Day or Next day Onsite Response
  • Employee Technicians (not subcontractors)
  • Free Remote Printer Monitoring (Bytechpr  becomes your proactive printer help desk as we learn about problems often before you do!)